Hypnosis, NLP and Meditation are of enormous help in reducing stress, fear and worry
because there are two distinctly different methods of management. Whether you need help
for a situation like a driving test for example, or for a more persistent and possibly deeper
rooted problem, hypnosis can help you. The best method for any individuals can really only
be determined by consultation, many people finding that two or three sessions, spread over
a month or so, are sufficient.

Stress is not just a frame of mind however it can be caused by our attitude or outlook and
can be reflexed externally in the way we view the world and the people around us as well
as internally all the way down to the cellular level of our physical being. Stress left
unchecked can create health challenges like high blood pressure, heart problems, obesity,
irritable bowel syndrome, just to name a few. Experts prescribe various forms of relaxation
directed both externally and internally to relieve the symptoms of stress.

The Fear Response
As we understand the many aspects of fear and the response it has on the body and our
actions in life, we can breathe a little easier knowing that it is in some respects their
working in our best interest. Fear and anxiety are part of our mind and body survival
mechanisms and when working correctly help us in adapting and creating healthy
responses to threat through defensive pattern reflexes.  

Fear is said by many cognitive therapists to be a symptom or action from our body’s alarm
system to automatic thoughts creating the reactions of mobilization, inhibition and
demobilization better known as the fight, flight or freeze response. We recognize the
difference between normal versus pathological anxiety when for some reason the defensive
pattern reflexes stay activated beyond the scope of the present danger or threat.  

These automatic thoughts are our cognitive picture or expectation consciously and or
unconsciously of how that event will unfold and our ability to react or adapt to it in a
favorable way.  The fear response affects almost every system of the body: the
physiological system is activated producing sweating, increased heart rate and dizziness;
the cognitive system in the anticipation of disgrace, rejection or injury; the motivational
system wanting to remove yourself from the traumatic situation, to get away; and the
behavioral body reactions trembling, inhibited speaking and or thinking.
Informational credits to Aaron T Beck M.D. And Gary Emery, PH.D.

The symptoms of stress, fear are the body’s physical reaction involving the sympathetic
and parasympathetic nervous system and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.  Left
unattended the over stimulation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
can result in numerous negative consequences to your physical and mental health.  
Balancing the body’s sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system through hypnosis
and healthy cognitive thought management can balance the sympathetic and
parasympathetic nervous system activation.
Informational credits to Rick Hanson, PH.D.

By utilizing Hypnotherapy, NLP and Meditation many people have quickly found the recipe
for a long, healthy and happy life. Reducing the fear and stress in your body and mind will
enhance your life and is used by many of my clients to improve their sports performance,
sales and business skills, as well as creating the positive mind set and daily habits to reach
and maintain the healthy mind body connection they desire.

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Thanks for the telephone hypnotherapy session
today Scott. It flowed every bit as smoothly as the
achieve instead of on my fears about not realizing
Thanks for the telephone hypnotherapy session it.
Getting grounded in body, heart and spirit and
visualizing meeting my client with creative vision
put that to work with yet another prospective client
and I can definitely feel the strength that gives you
on an unconscious level. It was a big help. I
understand the power in your work.
Steve Patapoff.   Cinematographer
Experts teach us that having confidence and a healthy level of self-esteem is a necessary tool
to realizing ones full potential in life. To create an abundant, healthy and enjoyable life we
need and cultivate and exercise our ability to manage our beliefs and thoughts in a way that
leads the mind and body toward our intended goals and desires. The Buddha said we are what
we think and science has proven that to be true.

Self-esteem really is simply having the ability to be happy, to cultivate the feeling of being
worthy, deserving, entitled to assert our needs and wants, and to enjoy the fruits of our
efforts. Confidence is our ability to think and cope with the challenges of life, the experience
that we act appropriately to life and to the requirements of our environment.

The purpose of the Core Spiritual Confidence© program, is to guide you utilizing hypnosis and
NLP to a conscious understanding of your current belief system and its role in formulating the
quality of life you currently have, as well as to assist you in updating outdated and
dysfunctional beliefs that have held you back from having the life, health and happiness you
inherently deserve.

Mary one of my past clients who now has the confidence and esteem she desires said; “I not
only have the confidence to speak freely and comfortably for business presentations but I've
also found that my overall confidence has increased in all areas of my life, I feel more
connected, safe and accepted than I ever have in the past and I truly know what Scott Duvall
meant when he said I have everything to look forward to, and that this present moment is
just that, a gift, that’s why they call it the present”.

Imagine having the confidence and esteem to know that all life experiences are gifts of love,
presents from the universe which allow you to grow, to evolve and to self-actualize; this is the
state of Core Spiritual Confidence.

Allow yourself to experience the joy that so many have discovered, by strengthening your
core spiritual confidence you will cultivate the ability to trust yourself, to trust in your own
mind and beliefs, your ability to adapt and change and flow with life, to assess situations and
experiences, to make decisions easily all while feeling safe, secure and in control of your life.

Have you discovered what hypnosis can do for you yet?  Call today 503 238-4428
Hypnosis NLP and Meditation for Reducing Stress and Habitual Fear Portland Oregon
Building Confidence and Self Esteem with hypnosis
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stretch to claim that hypnosis alone can get you a
job.  With the economy depressed and fierce still,
after good coaching and preparation, being in the
top two or three candidates for a job, and getting
more rejections than I care to admit to, I started to
ask myself if there’s anything I’m doing
unconsciously to take myself out of the running.  
Not only that; the constant rejection can take its
toll, and can also come across unconsciously in
interviews.  That’s when I decided to contact you.

After two sessions together, and 4 good interviews
for different positions, I had a great offer from a
great company.  Again, I know there’s more to it
than hypnosis, but after two years of failure, and
then those two sessions, I was successful.  I’m
absolutely convinced it would not have happened
without the two sessions with you.  Thanks again.
Hypnosis, NLP and Meditation for confidence, self-esteem, self empowerment and stress management
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Hypnosis for stress, fear, confidence and self-esteem Portland, Oregon
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