Weight Loss with Hypnosis Portland Oregon
Reaching and maintaining your ideal weight and size with hypnosis!

Think about how happy you’ll be to finely reach and maintain your ideal weight and size easily, safely and naturally.

Hypnosis help you utilize the power of your subconscious mind to create positives changes in your beliefs, habits, and attitude
about eating, nutrition, and exercise.  By utilizing the power of hypnosis and  NLP  you can easily reach and maintain your ideal
weight and enjoy a new positive relationship with food and eating.  

It’s a scientific fact that the body responds to your thoughts so it makes since that empowering your mind empowers your body
does it not? Together we’ll create an enjoyable plan for you to reach and maintain your ideal weight and give you the long term
health, well-being and body you deserve.  

Allow yourself the pleasure of applying these proven techniques and live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Call us today at 503 238-4428 for your free consultation.

Your Outline for Reaching and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight Utilizing Hypnosis and NLP

1) Designing the vision and plan for you to reach and maintain your ideal weight and size.

2) Increase your self confidence and self esteem about reaching and  maintaining your ideal weight and size.

3)  Create forgiveness and gratitude for self and others while freeing yourself from the past and clearing away your
emotional clutter.

4)  Understanding and utilization of present moment focus and mindful eating.   

5)  Removing old and setting new food and eating triggers giving you control over emotional eating and giving you
back the body and life you want.
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Scott has helped me lose weight. He also
helps me focus on my work projects. I
trust Scott in all areas of life and highly
recommend him to anyone who wants
help with an addiction or focus. Julie A.
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Fitness and Exercise
Chosen presenter for the Oregon
Hypnotherapy Association for weight
loss. Reaching and maintaining your
ideal weight.
"You not only enhanced my weight loss
you dropped my walls within myself,
helped me find my inner strength and
promoted my own journey to  fulfillment
of my desires".Thank you....
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Hypnosis, NLP and Meditation For Weight Loss  
Scott E. Duvall CHt. NLP Certified Consulting Hypnotist 2025 SE 50th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97215  503 238-4428   pdxhypnosis.com
Make 2020 the year that you finely lose that extra weight!

Imagine after all these years of trying endless diets, not eating this or not eating that, the frustration, confusion and even
sadness, that you finely find the way.

Hypnosis has helped many people just like you to not only lose that excess weight but to maintain their ideal weight and size for
good well maintaining a healthy relationship with food and eating.

PDX Hypnosis wants to help you make 202
0 the year that you finely lose that extra weight and keep it off for good. That’s why
we are offering a custom designed hypnosis weight loss program just for you.

Your personalized program includes four custom designed hypnosis sessions, four powerful weight loss audio hypnosis MP3’s,
three passes to our mindfulness meditation meet up group and four 15 minute phone consultations. We know what it takes for
you to have the slim, healthy and attractive body you desire.

Call today and make 2019 the year that you reach and maintain your ideal weight and size for good. Limited number of sessions
available so call today 503 238-4428
Mindfulness based meditation for weight loss, optimum health and

Can mindfulness meditation help me lose weight?  Yes!

Imagine the support and confidence you will feel belonging to a group of fun,
encouraging and like-minded people just like you, all coming together to learn and
share techniques that will empower you to not only reach your weight loss goals,
but to maintain your ideal weight and size for good?

Join us for a series of three mindfulness meditations directed towards weight loss,
optimum health and wellbeing held every other Wednesday at 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm,
being held on T
BA  2020 at 2025 SE 50th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97215.

Dress warm and comfortable; bring a blanket and your meditation cushion if you
have one. Suggested donation is $25.00 per meditation.

For more information and reservations call Scott Duvall at 503 238-4428 or visit
www.pdxhypnosis.com/IdealWeight .
Space is limited so RSVP today!

Scott Duvall is a certified consulting hypnotist, NLP practitioner and certified
mindfulness based meditation instructor. Scott is founder of the Portland
Meditation Group and owner of PDX HYPNOSIS one of Portland’s premier
hypnosis practices.
Mindfulness weight loss meditation group Portland, Oregon
Single ticket
All three meditations
Julie A. Fast  I want to share how much Scott
has helped me! We spent a lot of time working
on how I THINK about food. He helped me start
the journey of ending my dependence on
sugar. It was hypnosis that helped me truly loss,
but in the last year, I have lost 30 pounds
during extremely difficult physical health
challenges. Thank you Scott Duvall.