Distant Morning
Universal Breath
Hi Scott –
Big thanks on the music!  I do a lot of writing, website development and other work that requires deep focus. Both Distant Morning and Universal Breath are excellent for removing background noise, for relaxing into a deeper state of
concentration and for maintaining an increased focus.  I have also enjoyed both CD’s with my meditation.  Yoga’s next!  I had no idea when I bought them that they would be so great for so many things.  Thanks again for this excellent
music.  I look forward to buying your next CD’s let me know when they are ready! All the best –    Jonathan Logan  Portland, Oregon
Music and Sounds Tracks for Hypnotists and Healers
Both tracks
Same day
The perfect royalty free background music for your hypnosis sessions. Simple and compelling, combining deep strings and ambient sounds, that
naturally deepen the trance experience. Each track creatively blended to provide you with continuous, smooth uninterrupted sound.
Price list for Audio CD's


Taking control of your life...$24.95

A good nights sleep .............$39.95

Your Ideal Weight..................$149.95

Stop Smoking.........................$49.95

Fertility Enhancement...........$49.95

The Secret power of Manifesting
your intentions now!..............$49.95

Self Esteem..............................$49.95

Little changes BIG results....$15.00
Your CD is amazing!  I've listened to it twice and will again today. The experience of hypnosis and the results I'm feeling are
REAL......You have a wonderful clear understanding of what you are doing and how to do it with love and beauty as you do with
your photo art. Thank you for being you.  You are a soul healer.  What a beautiful gift!

My ascension meditation is greatly enhanced by the clearing I'm getting with the hypnosis.  A powerful combination.  Deborah
NEW PRODUCT:"I love it!"
CD Hard Copy $19.95
Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy a magical journey to Chakra
enhancement.  Allow yourself to be guided into a state of deep trance as
you experience powerful hypnotic suggestions that will balance and
harmonize your Chakra system. Wonder through an enchanting landscape
of sensory imagery to connect you with your sacred power source,
experiencing the power of healing crystals and stones, colors, and life
force energy. This audio journey was created by Scott E. Duvall certified
Hypnotist and NLP practitioner, with the intention to bring to you better
health, more energy and more confidence in your ability to connect and
balance your chakra energy.
Chakra Balancing and Enhancement
Our primal mind is in tune with the archetypal sounds of nature,
water being one of the most powerfully balancing of them all.
This collection of high quality recordings is a perfect background
to any therapeutic environment, relaxation, meditative exercises, or
holistic healing work. Used by themselves or with your voice overs
they are sure to aid in healing and increase wellbeing
Ocean:     California’s Beautiful Tennessee Beach 60 Min.

River:       California A Serene Little River 60 Min.

Rain:        Washington State’s Peaceful Rain Shower  60 Min.

Stream:    Oregon’s Trickling Winter Run Off  60 Min.

Waterfall: Oregon’s Breath Taking Columbia George 60 Min.
CD Hard Copy $19.95
1. Designing the vision of your personal ideal weight outcome. 2. Increase self-esteem and confidence. 3. Create forgiveness for self and others while letting go of the      past and clearing emotional clutter. 4. Present moment focus an mindful eating. 5. Removing old and setting new food triggers to take control of your life.
CD Hard Copy $19.95
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Self-Hypnosis CD's and audio down loads for better health Portland, Oregon
Scott E. Duvall CHt. NLP Certified Consulting Hypnotist  2025 SE 50th Ave. Portland, Oregon   503 238-4428      pdxhypnosis.com
For thousands of years people from all over the world have been enjoying the benefits of a healthy chakra system by
practicing yoga, meditation, chanting just to mention a few.  Hypnosis and guided imagery are the fastest and easiest ways
of connecting to the state of receiving empowering universal energy.  By listening to this Cd regularly you will find yourself
with a better understanding and an enjoyable way to cultivate a healthier and balanced chakra system.

If you have questions or would like other information on chakra enhancement contact us at
Chakra  Musical Meditation....$19.95
contribute to our physical, mental and spiritual health. When our
chakras are circulating freely and in balance they give us the energy
we need for a healthy, happy and abundant life.  Throughout history
mankind has used various techniques to balance and enhance our
chakra system like Meditation, Yoga, Chi Kung, Visualization, Mantras
or vocalized Affirmations and energy healing like Reiki.    In this musical
meditation for chakra enhancement called The Chakra Stomp we will be
energizing the traditional Nine Chakra System utilizing a unique blend
of these ancient and effective techniques.