Session Information: An overview of your first hypnotherapy and or
NLP session includes; a consultation to inform, educate, and answer any
questions or concerns you may have about hypnotism and NLP. A overview of
your medical history, an NLP assessment questionnaire to identify
your desired
outcome and hypnotic implementation of your desired outcome

Payment options: *Cash, Check, *Pay Pal, Visa, and Master Card, American
Express and Discover.
As a member in good standing of the
National Guild of Hypnotists, I adhere
to the   
NGH Code of Ethics.
Services Include:
Weight Management
Stop Smoking Tobacco and Marijuana
Self Esteem and Confidence
Shyness, Public Speaking
Stress Relief
Exams, Interviewing, Goal Achievement  
Habitually Sad
Habitually Fearful
Habitually Worried
Habitually Driven
Manifesting your Intentions
Self Hypnosis
Spiritual Exploration
Sports Performance

With your Doctor or Psychotherapist referral
Panic Attacks
Sleeping Disorders
Skin Disorders
Pain Management
Child Birthing
Bed Wetting, Nail Biting, Blushing
Hypnosis for Fertility
Cancer and treatment for medication side effects

Spiritual Exploration
Guided Meditation, Prayer
Mindfulness Training
Energy Enhancement through visualization,
Chakra, Ki

and much, much more.
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Hypnosis Services for Better Health Portland, Oregon
Scott E. Duvall CHt. NLP Certified Consulting Hypnotist
 2025 SE 50th ave. Portland, Oregon 97215       503 238-4428  
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